The Female Reproductive System

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The Female Reproductive System

(Fig. 32)

-The internal female genital organs are the 2 ovaries, the 2 uterine tubes, the uteruSand the vagina



The ovaries are 2 almond-shaped bodies (I x 2 x 3 cm), one on either side, close, to the lateral wall of the pelvic cavity suspended to the posterior wall of the broad lisament.

The ovaries produce the ova and the female sex hormones.



Uterine (Fallopian) tubes:

There is one uterine tube on each side between the ovary and the uterus. It carriers the ova from the ovar> to the uterus.

Each tube consists of 4 parts:

1. The lateral part is funnel-shaped and is called the infundibnium. It has linger-like processes called the fimbriae. One of these fimbria has an ostium to pike up the ovum.

2.    The next part is dilated and it is called the ampulla. It is

the part where fertilisation occurs.

3.    The medial part is narrow and it called the isthmus.

4.  The uterine end which pierces the uterus is called the intramural part.



     The uterus is a pear-shaped hollow organ with a thick muscle wall 1x2x3 inches.

     It lies in the pelvis behind the urinaiy bladder, in front of the rectum and above the vagina.

   It consists of 3 parts:


1.   The fundus; which is the par! above the level of the uterine tubes.

2. The body, which is the main part that has a triangular cavirs where the embryo is kept until il is bom.

3. The cervix: which is the Sower part. Its lumen is fusiform and it opens above into the body by the internal os and below into the vagina by the external os.


       It is the tube which leads to the body surface at the vestibule of the vulva. It is directed downwards and forwards between the urinary bladder and urethra anteriorlv and the rectum posteriorly.

       Its upper part surrounds the lower part of the cervix.

       Its posterior wall is longer (9.5 cm) than its anterior wall (7.5 cm).


The external female genital organs:

Are the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibule of vagina. The vaginal orifice is covered in the vergin by a perforated membrane called the hymen. 

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