Making a Career Out of Artifacts

Making a Career Out of Artifacts You spend your childhood entranced by dinosaur bones and everything that was prehistoric and died several million years ago. You gazed longingly at the collections of dinosaur bones in your favorite museum and begged your parents for your very own ancient arrow head when you visited ancient Native American […]

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JOINTS   When two or more bones meet, an articulation or a joint is formed. joints are classified according to functional and structural basis into three main types: fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial.   J. Fibrous Joints: These do not permit any appreciable movement. The bones are bound together (united) by intervening fibrous tissue. They are […]

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THE SKELETON (Fig. 4) The human skeleton, is described in two main parts: a)  The axial skeleton which includes the skull, the vertebral column, the ribs and the sternum. b)  The appendicular skeleton which includes the bones of the appendages (upper and loweriimbs) and their girdles (pectoral and pelvic girdles). Tilt SkalS together with the […]

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BENIGN MESENCHYMAL TUMORS Fibroma   It is a benign tumor arising from fibrous tissue. It appears as rounded or oval, well encapsulated firm tumor of variable size. The cut surface shows interlacing whitish bundles of fibrous tissue. Microscopically: It is formed of dense collagen bundles with large numbers of fusiform fibroblasts. Sites: Skin and subcutaneous […]

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HYDATID DISEASE Caused by a small tape worm known as taenia echinococcus. It is a parasite of the dog living in its intrestine. Method of infection: The human is infected by eating raw vegetable contaminated with the excreta of the infected dogs which is full of ova. In the intestine the ova hatch into embryos […]

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