Age changes of PDL

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Age changes of PDL -It shows decreased vascularity. -It becomes thinner due to decreased activity. -Free or attached cementicles may be found and increase in number by age. -There is continuous root migration of the attachment epithelium with detachment of the cervical fibers of the PDL.

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Structure Of Periodontal ligament 2

1  Structure Of Periodontal ligament 2   C. Alveolodental ligament □ Alveolar crest group: The fiber bundles radiate from the crest of the alveolar process and attach themselves to the cervical part of the cementum. These fibers limits vertical and intrusive movements.   •    The horizontal group: The fiber bundles run horizontally between the cementum […]

Structure Of Periodontal ligament 1

Structure Of Periodontal ligament 1   The connective tissue of the PDL consists of: (A) Cells (B) Extracellular substance formed of ground substance and fibers. There are also rich supplies of blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics.   [A] cells The cells of the PDL may be divided into the following categories; 1-Synthetic cells; fibroblasts; cementoblasts; […]

Development Of Periodontal ligament

Development Of Periodontal ligament PDL is derived from the dental follicle that envelops the developing tooth germ. Some delicate fiber bundles of the forming PDL appear as root formation begins. The innermost cells near the forming root differentiate into cementoblasts and lay down cementum, while the outermost cells differentiate into osteoblasts and furnish the lining […]

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Periodontal ligament

Periodontal ligament   The periodontal ligament (PDL) is the dense fibrous connective tissue which occupies the periodontal space between the root of the tooth and the alveolus. It is continuous with the connective tissue of the gingiva above the alveolar crest, and with the dental pulp at the apical foramen. The average width of the […]

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