Clinical Consideration

Clinical Consideration – Accessory root canal. It is a defect of the root wall of the tooth which leads to a connection between the pulp and PDL. The canal is filled with connective tissue. It occurs due to: Premature degeneration of the Hertwig’s root sheath before differentiation of odontoblasts, which leads to defect in the […]

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Root Formation

Root Formation The development of the root begins when the enamel and dentin formation has reached the future amelocemental junction. The inner and outer dental epithelia (without the stellate reticulum and stratum intermedium), at the cervical loop begin to proliferate into horizontal plane forming the Epithelial Diaphragm, which produces narrowing of the cervical opening of […]

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Histophysiological stages

Histophysiological stages   Except for initiation, there is overlap of all the stages, but each tends to predominate in certain period.   1-    Initiation. The dental lamina and tooth buds are the representatives of this stage. Different teeth are initiated at definite times by unknown factors. The lack of initiation may result in absence of one […]

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Morphological stages

Morphological stages 1) Initiation of dental lamina: At this stage neither the upper nor lower jaws show separate lip or gum regions. The separation of lips and cheeks from the gums is associated with the initial development of the teeth. The first indication of the processes which will result in tooth formation consists of condensation […]

The Development and Growth of Teeth

The Development and Growth of Teeth As the development of the teeth is about to begin, the primitive oral cavity ( stomatodeum ) is lined by ectoderm which is composed of two or three layers, the superficial layer consists of flat cells, while the basal cells are cuboidal. The basement membrane separates the ectoderm and […]

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