REPAIR OF FRACTURE OF BONE Types of fracture of bone: A- Simple fracture: in which the covering skin is not wounded, and may be complete or incomplete. B- Compund fracture: occurs when there is a wound in the skin. How repair of fracture occurs: (steps of repair of fracture bone): The healing of a fracture […]

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HEALING OF SKIN WOUNDS I. Healing of clean incised wound (surgical wound) is known as healing by first intention or primary union, in which the edges are closely applied together by sutures. It occurs in the following steps: 1.     The two edges of the wound are approximated together by sutures but a small gap is […]

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Repair and healing

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REPAIR AND HEALING Definition It is the process by which the body forms new cells to replace structures damaged in a pathologic process. This involves 2 processes, separately or often in variable combination: ■      Regeneration: Healing by cells of the same type. ■      Fibrosis  (organization):  Healing by  fibrous tissue scar developing form granulation tissue. In […]

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