Pictures Of Inflammation

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  Pictures Of Inflammation Acute inflammation: vascular phenomenon. The capillaries are dilated, filled with blood with leucocytic margination. Serofibrinous inflammation of pericardium  Pseudomembranous inflammation (bacillary dysentery). The membrane is dettached leaving ulcerated surface.

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ACUTE INFLAMMATION (Suppurative inflammations)

  Suppurative inflammation: Suppuration means liquefaction of necrotic tissue with the formation of pus. It is caused by suppurative or pyogenic organisms such as: staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, meningococci, and. E-coli ■      These organisms cause necrosis of the tissue with the release of leucotaxin which is chemotactic to neutrophils. Large numbers of neutrophils reach the area […]

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ACUTE INFLAMMATION (Non-suppurative inflammations)

TYPES OF ACUTE INFLAMMATION Depending on the type of irritant on one hand and the site of inflammation, the final picture of inflammation is varied and consequently the following types of inflammation are recognized: I.  Non-suppurative inflammations: 1.      Catarrhal inflammation. 2.      Fibrinous  inflammation which may be  serous  or serofibrinous. 3.      Membranous inflammation. 4.      Hemorrhagic inflammation. […]

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CHRONIC INFLAMMATION A chronic inflammation may follow acute inflammation or may start as chronic inflammation from the beginning when it is caused by a mild infection with a prolonged action, e.g. Tuberculosis. Types of chronic inflammation: I. Chronic specific inflammations: These are caused by specific organisms which produces a characteristic histological appearance as occurs in […]

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CLASSIFICATION OF INFLAMMATION We can classify inflammation to: Acute, Sub acute and chronic DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ACUTE AND CHRONIC INFLAMMATION   Characters Acute Chronic Onset Rapid Gradual Duration Short (3 weeks) Prolonged (months or years) Cardinal signs of inflammation Present and evident Mild or absent Toxemia Acute toxemia Chronic toxemia Microscopically: a) Cells P.N.L(polymorphs) are the […]

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Definition and Types of inflammation

INFLAMMATION Definition and Types of inflammation Definition: it is the reaction of living tissue against an irritant by which the local defensive mechanism of the body comes outside blood vessels to attack the irritant to prevent more damage of tissues. Nomenclature: suffix- ITIS is usually added to the name of the inflamed tissue (dermatitis, gastritis, […]

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