Age and functional changes In Enamel

Age and functional changes In Enamel Enamel is a non-vital tissue and is not capable of regeneration. 1-    Attrition It is the physiological wearing away of the tooth hard substance. It is mainly encountered in the occlusal and incisal surfaces. Proximal attrition may occur due to the slight mobility of the teeth during mastication. Attrition occurs […]

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Enamel   Enamel is the hardest calcified tissue in human body. It forms a protective covering of the entire crown surface. Enamel is unique because it is a mineralized epithelial tissue, while bone, dentin and cementum are mineralized connective tissue. Mature enamel is the only tissue that is totally acellular. It is also avascular and […]

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EMBOLISM Definition: It is the circulation of undissolved material known as embolus and its impaction in small arteries. Embolism occurs only in arteries, never in veins except in the portal veins. Type of emboli: 1- Detached part of a thrombus: Non-infected thrombotic emboli lead to infarction while infected ones lead to pyemia. 2- Tumor emboli: […]

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