EMBRYONIC TUMORS     These are usually malignant tumors which arise in children and are formed of malignant cells that resemble the embryonic cells which are initially present in the particular part of the body from which the tumor arises. These tumors are: Nephroblastoma (Wilm’s tumor) in kidney. Neuroblastoma in adrenal medulla. Medulloblastoma in cerebellum. […]

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BENIGN MESENCHYMAL TUMORS Fibroma   It is a benign tumor arising from fibrous tissue. It appears as rounded or oval, well encapsulated firm tumor of variable size. The cut surface shows interlacing whitish bundles of fibrous tissue. Microscopically: It is formed of dense collagen bundles with large numbers of fusiform fibroblasts. Sites: Skin and subcutaneous […]

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INFARCTION Definition It means necrosis of some part due to complete ischemia. All infarcts present as coagulative necrosis except the brain which presents as liquifactive necrosis. Types of infarction: A. Red or hemorrhagic infarction: Sites: lung, intestine. It is infarction which remains red as occurs in the lungs and intestine due to increased blood content […]

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