Facial Hair Removal

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Facial Hair Removal How bothersome facial hair is, is really a personal matter. The eyebrows, the chin, the upper lip, the hair inside the nose, and the hair that covers the face can all be problematic, especially for women and especially if it’s considerably darker than the surrounding skin. So is there a ‘best’ way […]

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Structure of bone

Structure of bone Periosteum and Endosteum The Periosteum lines the outer surface of compact bone. It consists of 2 layers: 1. Outer fibrous layer contains dense irregular connective tissue. 2. Inner cellular layer consists of osteoprogenitor cells, osteoblasts, and blood vessels. The Sharpey’s fibers (also called perforating fibers) which are collagenous fibers from the outer […]

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Histophysiological stages

Histophysiological stages   Except for initiation, there is overlap of all the stages, but each tends to predominate in certain period.   1-    Initiation. The dental lamina and tooth buds are the representatives of this stage. Different teeth are initiated at definite times by unknown factors. The lack of initiation may result in absence of one […]

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Pictures Of Disturbance of growth and neoplasia

Pictures Of Disturbance of growth and neoplasia Fibroadenoma Squamous cell carcinoma Adenocarcinoma Chondroma Lipoma Leiomyoma Osteosarcoma Intradermal nevus Malignant melanoma

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ETIOLOGY OF TUMORS   The actual cause of tumors remains obscure up till now. However many pre-disposing factors known as carcinogenic agents, appear to play a certain role in the development of certain tumor. These factors are: 1) Chemical carcinogens: The hydrocarbons: the development of carcinoma of the scrotum in chimney sweepers was observed very […]

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TUMORS OR NEOPLASIA Definition: A tumor or neoplasm is a new growth resulting from an unlimited spontaneous proliferation of cells which occurs without a cause, without control, serving no function and is usually at the expense of the surrounding normal tissues. N.B. The differences between neoplasia and hyperplasia are: In hyperplasia the proliferation of the […]

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DISTURBANCE OF GROWTH     Distrubances of growth are divided into three main groups: 1-    Disorders leading to diminished growth e.g. atrophy. Atrophy: it is the decrease in the size of a normally developed organ or tissue due to a decrease in the size and number of its cells, atrophy may be: 1 – Physiological. 2-    Pathological. […]

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Repair and healing

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REPAIR AND HEALING Definition It is the process by which the body forms new cells to replace structures damaged in a pathologic process. This involves 2 processes, separately or often in variable combination: ■      Regeneration: Healing by cells of the same type. ■      Fibrosis  (organization):  Healing by  fibrous tissue scar developing form granulation tissue. In […]

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Obama Campaign Basher Balanced Budget Amendment

The re-election campaign of President Obama is pushing a proposed constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget, the Republican-term US House is scheduled to vote Friday. “If passed, the Republican proposal calls for significant reductions that can provide everything from education and Medicare programs of nutrition and health for vulnerable children,” said Obama campaign website. […]

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