Subway Franchises: Healthy or Unhealthy ?

Subway Franchises: Healthy or Unhealthy? There are plenty of franchise opportunities that, on the surface, may appear to be a very good thing for everyone in general, but once the inner workings of the company is known than an individual might not seem to keen to open up one of their particular franchises. There are […]

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Fast Food Restaurant Franchises: Good or Bad ?

Fast Food Restaurant Franchises: Good or Bad? Among the many different stores and companies that potential franchise owners have at their disposal to choose from, one route that is very frequently called upon is the fast food restaurant franchise opportunity. There are all sorts of good and bad sides to owning any franchise, but it […]

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Event Planning: Getting Organized from the Ground Up

Event Planning: Getting Organized from the Ground Up When done carefully and correctly, event planning can be one of the most fun times that anyone has ever had! Event planning involves coordinating functions and putting together the things that go with them. For example, if a whole school is visiting the zoo or a museum […]

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Posted by DAM on February 10, 2012 in The Digestive System | Short Link

1 THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM 2   The stomach: (Fig. 26) It is the most distensible part of the alimentary tract It transmits food from the oesophagus to the duodenum, li lies in the upper left part of the abdominal ca\iiy below the diaphragm. It has two openings: the cardiac orifice lying ai the junction with […]

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