RADIOSENSITIVITY OF TUMORS   Tumors, like their cell of origin, differ in their susceptibility to radiation injury. In general, a poorly differentiated tumor is more radiosensitive than a well differentiated one of the same type. 1-    Radio-sensitive tumours: Destructive dose of radiation_causes no significant damage in adjacent normal tissues. Examples Malignant lymphoma – Seminoma of testis […]

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THROMBOSIS Definition It is a vital process with the formation of a solid mass (thrombus) from blood element essentially platelets inside the cardio-vascular system during life. Causes of thrombosis: 1. Damage of endothelial wall: as in atherosclerosis, direct pressure, trauma or inflammation of the arterial wall. 2. Slowing of the circulation: • In leg veins […]

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CELL INJURY   Causes of cell injury: Hypoxia: due to cardiorespiratory failure, anemia or carbon monoxide poisoning. Physical agents: e.g.: trauma, burns, deep cold, radiation or electricity. Chemical agents: including arsenic, cyanide, mercury, insecticides, industrial chemicals, air pollutants, alcohol, narcotics and drugs. Chemical agents act directly by combining with an important cell component or indirectly […]

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ACUTE INFLAMMATION (Suppurative inflammations)

  Suppurative inflammation: Suppuration means liquefaction of necrotic tissue with the formation of pus. It is caused by suppurative or pyogenic organisms such as: staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, meningococci, and. E-coli ■      These organisms cause necrosis of the tissue with the release of leucotaxin which is chemotactic to neutrophils. Large numbers of neutrophils reach the area […]

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